N-Power Has Boost Nigeria’s Economy – Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday defended the N-Power programme, saying it has boosted the nation’s economy. The president declared that the N-Power beneficiaries had done well for themselves, their respective homes and for the nation as a whole. Speaking at the official launch of, “Build The Future”, Oyo State chapter, President Buhari who was represented by Mr. Afolabi Imoukhede, Senior Special Adviser to President on Job creation,  noted N-Power had help the beneficiaries a lot and this has also help boost the nation’s economy.

The programme held at the Agodi Garden Ibadan, was organised by the state Ministry of Women Affairs, Community Development, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation with the support of the office of the Senior Special Assistant to President on Job Creation to commemorate the federal government achievements on the N-Power programme which has positively affected the lives of Nigerian youths.

“The N- Power beneficiaries are doing great in their families with the little stipends they received from the government, they are now a responsible person in their respective homes, they too have contributed a lot to the growth of our economy because they will spend out money out of the little stipend they earn.

“N-Power programme is real and it is not fake, the beneficiaries are not selected based on their religion, political parties, nor because of personalities influence, but based on merit and the passion to empower the teaming unemployed Nigerian youths.”

“I must also commend the beneficiaries for doing their job diligently, I can tell you that this has help this country a lot, especially in the areas of agriculture, education and health. Some of those beneficiaries were trained to train local farmers on how to use modern day agricultural tools to enhance the production of their farm produce.

“Some of the beneficiaries were trained on how to teach the children and they were employed immediately into various public schools throughout the nation and this has indeed help to boost the education sector.

“I think I have to thank them for contributing greatly to the development of our dear country, I commend you all for the job well done, you must all have fate and continue to work with the hope that the program will be a permanent one”, he said. He, however urge the beneficiaries to cast their votes for President Buhari so that the continuity of government can give room for continuity of this programme.

He said, “President Buhari believes so much in building the future, and youths are the future of tomorrow, and if you all want this program to continue, then we must all cast our votes for President Buhari, our vote is our power to sustain this program, continuity of government can sustain this program.” Afolabi explained.


In her own goodwill message, the state Commissioner for Women Affairs, Community Development, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation, Mrs. Atinuke Osunkoya congratulated the beneficiaries, and urged them to remain focus, be prayerful and also cast their votes for President Buhari so as to ensure the continuity of the program.

She said ” I congratulate you all, I know that most of you are doing well with the stipends you are earning through this program but is still want you to remain focus, have believe that the program will be a permanent one then use your votes to extend the program by casting your vote for president Buhari.” Some beneficiaries who spoke expressed their gratitude to the federal government but appealed to the government to make the programme a permanent one. Mr. Adeshina Rasheed, a fish farmer from Oluyole Local Government Area, who was employed as a primary school teacher, under N-Power, said “I commend the federal government for this programme. “

In fact I must say that this programme is transparent enough because I obtained a late form and I did not know any politicians, but I was still employed under N-Power programme, and with the little stipends I earned am doing great in my family and my fish pond farming is doing well as well.”

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