2023: Presidency Stressful For 62-Year-Old, I’m Not Interested In Election – El-Rufai

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Governor of Kaduna state, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, says the job of a president is tedious for a 62-year-old person.

El-Rufai disclosed this while responding to a question on if he has plans to become president in 2023.

He said his job as a governor of a single state is telling on him, talk more of that of the president of Nigeria.

According to him, the stress of being a governor caused his hair to turn gray in six years.

“Look at my grey hair. If you see my picture when I was sworn in, my hair was very black but look at how it has become.

This is a very difficult job and that is just state governor — one state out of 36,” he said. “A big one, yes; a difficult one, yes, but it is not the same as Nigeria.

Presidency of Nigeria is a very serious job, it is too much for a 62-year-old.

Asked if he is interested in the office of the vice-president, he said: “I have not thought about it at all.

I have said it that in the political system we have, after eight years of President Buhari, the presidency should go to the south”.

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