2023: Stop Canvassing For Power Rotation – Arewa Warns Southern Leaders

1 year ago Emmanuel Chiwendu 0

Political leaders in the southern part of the country have been urged to stop canvassing rotation of power to the region at the end of President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term in 2023.

President, Arewa Youth Consultative Forum, Comrade Yerima Shettima who gave the advice warned southern leaders to stop dissipating their energies on such calls adding that it is the North’s turn to produce Buhari’s successor. He also spoke further on this and other national issues

On the issue of 2023, some Nigerians have accused the North of being greedy as a result of the recent insistence by some groups and individuals that the region will not relinquish power after President Buhari, a northerner must have completed his second term in 2023– (Cuts in) It is unfortunate that many Nigerians are not being fair to the North.

The North is presently seriously marginalized. Forget that President Buhari, a northerner is in power. Although Buhari is in power but under him, North is being marginalized. North is really suffering under Buhari leadership.

Today in Nigeria, a northerner is in power, but the truth is this, it is the southerners that are enjoying. Buhari’s government is a government of the southerners, especially the Southwest.

Everything in Nigeria today favours the Southwest, the economy, the infrastructure, just mention anything, it is only the Southwest that it favours.

For us in the North, we can’t continue to fold our hands, and that’s one of the reasons we believe that after Buhari, the next President should also come from the North. Then apart from that, between 1999 and now, the South has ruled for 15 years, but by the time Buhari would finish his second term in 2023, the North would have just about nine years.

Let me break it down to make it easy for Nigerians to understand my logic. Former President Olusegun Obasanjo, a southerner and Yoruba man spent eight years, former President Goodluck Jonathan spent six years plus. Before he became President, he was first Acting President of Nigeria but later had to complete late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s tenure when Yar’Adua, a northerner died in office.

So in the spirit of justice, equity and fairness, is it not clear that it is supposed to be the turn of the North in 2023? By insisting on 2023,the North is not asking for too much.

Other Nigerians should be fair to the North. It is the North’s turn in 2023, and any political party that fails to have a northerner as its presidential candidate in 2023 will fail. Any party that presents any presidential candidate that is not from the North is doomed. Enough is enough.

The North is suffering already under Buhari, we should not again be denied 2023 ticket. Those Nigerians that are saying that the North is greedy are actually the greedy ones. They are the ones that don’t believe in equity and justice.

After the South has spent 15 years with Obasanjo and Jonathan, and the North only nine years by the time Buhari would have completed his second term in 2023, it is fair and logical that the North should produce the president in 2023.

The North is taking this issue seriously, and the North is not asking for anything extraordinary by insisting that it is our turn in 2023. Any political party that fails to pick a northerner as its presidential candidate in 2023 will fail.

Is zoning in the Nigerian constitution? No. Nigerian constitution doesn’t recognize or recommend zoning. And if anybody is talking about any gentleman agreement, that is not to my knowledge. North will field a presidential candidate in 2023 and I have no apology for saying that.

If some people are talking about equity and justice, it is the North that is being denied justice. Since 1999, the South has been having it. They have spent 15 years and the North only nine years––and where is the justice in that? If Nigerians truly believe in equity, then it is the turn of the North to produce the next president after Buhari must have completed his tenure in 2023, and the northern candidate will be there between 2023 and 2027, then power can now rotate to the South.

To me that is what is equity and justice. It is unfortunate that some people criticize and condemn the North without being fair-minded. Nothing will stop the North from fielding a presidential candidate in 2023. It is the turn of the North going by all the facts I earlier stated. What can only prevent that is if we have proper debates and discussions over the issue. But left to me, I believe it will be very unfair to deny North 2023 presidential ticket.

It is the North’s turn in 2023.The Igbos can wait till 2027. Igbos should wait till 2027 after the North must have had its turn between 2023 and 2027. This issue is not about sentiments, and I also strongly believe that Igbo should stop threatening Nigeria’s unity over this issue.

Igbo leaders should call Nnamdi Kanu and members of his IPOB group to order. Kanu and his group should stop undermining the government. Kanu and his IPOB through their unpatriotic actions are hurting Igbo interests. Kanu is doing more harm than good to Igbo interests. Kanu is not a patriot.

He should show more patriotism and commitment to Nigeria. He should stop all these madness. If Kanu and IPOB continue like this, other Nigerians will not trust Igbo. Nnamdi Kanu has become a loose dog, Igbo leaders must restrain him. A lot of Nigerians have sympathy for Igbos on the issue but people like Kanu and his IPOB members are causing trouble, and doing more damage to Igbo interests. Igbo elders and leaders should find ways to call him to order.

I was shocked when I read interview by Papa Adebanjo. I have a lot of respect for him. I’ve worked with him before, and ordinarily, I will not like to join issues with him. But my own position is that breaking up Nigeria is not the best.

Adebanjo has had his good time in Nigeria, he enjoyed Nigeria, and it was during his time that he and others didn’t do it very well. If they had done the needful that time, nobody will have reason to be complaining today. Adebanjo should not be shifting blames. He should let Nigeria be. I believe that there is no problem without a solution.

I even see silver lining in the cloud for Nigeria – all hope is not lost. Nigeria will still be great – I believe that we should remain together as one nation. Break-up will have negative consequences, it will be catastrophic, and no nation survives two civil wars. But if those who insist on breaking up of Nigeria still persist, then we can have a referendum over the matter. The North is not afraid of a break-up. Nobody can blackmail the North. If we have the referendum, I believe that those who want Nigeria to stay together as one nation will be in majority. Those people clamouring for break-up are in the minority.

The North can’t be put in a tight corner. Some people should not think that they can use break-up as a weapon to intimidate or threaten the North. I believe in one Nigeria, and I also believe that it is our collective responsibility as patriotic citizens to make Nigeria work.

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