774,000 Jobs: 10% Allocated To Governors, Senators, Others

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Politicians in the country have reportedly been allocated 10% of the 774,000 job slots in the federal government’s special public works programme.

The spokesperson for the Kano state selection committee, Abubakar Muhammad-Janaral, told Premium Times that politicians were awarded the 10% slots to prevent them from interfering in the selection processes.

He said the Kano state selection committee has distributed the forms for 4,400 of the state’s 44,000 job slots to politicians, in compliance with the directive.

“These politicians include the governor, his deputy, senators, members of House of Representatives, House of Assembly members, local government chairmen, councillors and supervisory councilors,” he said.

He stated that politicians are expected to distribute the forms to their people at the local level.

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