Between Now and 2023 There’ll Me More Confusion in PDP – Femi Adesina

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Presidential spokesperson, Femi Adesina has said that there will be more confusion in the Peoples Democratic Party ahead of the 2023 general elections.


The presidential aide said this in reaction to PDP’s claim of Aso Rock becoming a place where some coerced members of the party are paraded at intervals and where the presidency uses underhand tactics to arm-twist governors elected on the party’s platform.


Accusing the opposition party of saying  “illogical and inconsequential” things in an interview on Channels Television, Adesina also claimed that PDP administration at the federal level,conducted some of its meetings at the presidential villa.


He said;

“Between now and 2023, there would be more confusion in their ranks and there would be more depletions in their ranks, so that is why they say anything.


“However, anything illogical, and inconsequential they say. We were in this country when President Obasanjo was in power and the BOT meeting of the PDP used to hold at the presidential villa.


“We were here when President Yar’adua, when President Jonathan was there, they held meetings at the presidential villa. What are they talking about really?


“When APC dwindles from 24 governors to 19, do you hear a whimper from PDP one day rejoicing? It is all because they are losing ground that they are saying all these things. It is the way of politics.”


Adesina also said that the Buhari-led administration will unveil massive infrastructure in the country by 2022, that will make PDP governors see that they have been “backing the wrong horse”.

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