BREAKING: US Overtakes Spain In Coronavirus Death Toll

10 months ago festus dada 0

The United States of America has over taken Spain in the Coronavirus death toll after the country recorded close to 2,000 deaths on a single day on Wednesday which is the highest number of deaths toll per day in the country since the virus first broke out in wuhan China last year.

United States of America death toll has reached 14,797 taking the nation to the second position with Spain now on 14,792.

The global pandemic has high death toll in Italy with more than 17,000 deaths in the Roman making them the number one country with most high deaths in the world.

United States of America has more than 400,000 cases globally making them the country with highest infections globally and the Donald Trump’s government has said the pandemic has not reach its peak in the country.

New York City is the epicenter of virus in the United State with more than 80,000 infection cases.

The deadly virus has caused more than 88,000 death with. Italy has the highest death toll followed by US in the second place, Spain in the third place, France in the fourth place and UK in the fifth place.

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