Buhari’s Government Has Failed North, Says Arewa

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The Arewa Consultative Forum has opined that the North has not in any way benefitted from Buhari government, but some Nigerians.

Except we want to run away from saying the truth, the North is suffering under Buhari. The North has been seriously marginalized by Buhari’s administration and this is very painful. This is why some of us are not keeping quiet.

The North will not keep quiet in order to please others. We won’t please others to hurt ourselves. Buhari’s government has failed North. What is the North enjoying under Buhari? We are enjoying nothing but hardship, hunger and suffering. That is what Buhari is giving the North.

Under Buhari’s leadership, what is thriving in the North is banditry, kidnapping, and abductions. Hundreds of people are dying daily in the North due to banditry, kidnappings and insurgency.

In the North, people are now afraid of travelling by road. People now, including big men, army generals and even police officers, now travel using train. You see army generals and top police officers in railway stations with their escorts ready to board train for their trips. They are also afraid of bandits and kidnappers. If army generals and top police officers are afraid of bandits and kidnappers, then what is the hope of ordinary citizens? It is these generals and top police officers that people look up to for protection but these uniformed men now are themselves afraid for their own lives.This is what Buhari’s administration has turned the North into.

The North is really feeling the brunt of Buhari’s administration, and everybody in the North is tired. We are all worried. You need to travel to the North to really see that people are suffering. Nobody feels secure and safe again in the North. Is this what some people call enjoyment by the North under Buhari? Let those people saying that the Buhari’s administration favours the North endeavour to come down to North to have an experience of what northerners are passing through.

It is not a bad idea if the country organised another confab and it won’t be out of place if we organize another national conference. But my position is that we should not just be organizing national conferences just for the sake of organizing it.

For instance, when former President Olusegun Obasanjo was there, he organized one. When Goodluck Jonathan was in office, he also organized another national conference. That was in 2014, but that conference was nothing but a political jamboree. It was a charade. It was seriously flawed, and this is why some Nigerians have been kicking against its implementation.

Those clamouring for the implementation of 2014 Jonathan confab are those that I consider as beneficiaries of that conference. They were the people that took allowances and collected millions of naira for participating in that sham called national conference. Patriotic Nigerians will continue to resist the implementation of 2014 confab reports and recommendations. That was not a confab but a caricature.

Those people from the North that attended the conference were not genuine representatives of the North. They attended the conference on their own because of the allowances they were to collect. The North was not represented at that conference by our best eleven. The confab on its own was a charade and that’s why its reports and recommendations will never see the light of the day. It will continue to gather dust.

Even if Goodluck Jonathan came back as President of Nigeria, 2014 confab reports and recommendations will never be implemented. The 2014 confab report should be considered dead. That conference is not in the best interest of Nigeria. So if we are going to organize a national conference, it must be purposeful. Not only that, it must accommodate the interests of every section in Nigeria.

We even advised the northern delegates that attended the conference to stay away from it, but they ignored us. Some of us were not even consulted before they left for Abuja to attend the conference. Anybody talking about the implementation of 2014 confab is wasting his time.

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