Cat In Belgium Becomes First Pet In The World To Test Positive For Coronavirus

2 months ago ezekiel 0

Amid the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic globally, a Cat has been tested Positive for this deadly virus and the cat becomes the first pet to be tested positive since the virus broke out last year.

The virus broke out last year in Wuhan China and this Coronavirus has caused many death since then.

Over 24,000 have died of this virus globally and it has infected more than 500,000 persons.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused damage to Europe espey Italy where more than 9,000 have died and Spain where over 5,000 have also died followed by UK where more than 1,000 have died too.

Belgium is one of the European nation where the pandemic is of minimal. The cat was infected by its owner who was tested positive for the Coronavirus.

United States of America has become the headquarters of the infected persons globally with over 104,000 persons infected and this has create a major set back for New York citizens where more than half of US infection arises.

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