Nigeria Now ‘Massive Killing Field’ – Bishop Kukah Hits Buhari Govt Again

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The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Sokoto, Matthew Kukah, has again hit at the Muhammadu Buhari-led federal government over the grave security situation in Nigeria. Mr Kukah, a vocal critic of the administration, delivered the new criticisms in his Easter message. In the message titled “Nigeria: Before our glory departs,” Mr Kukah reflects on Read More

Atiku vs Buhari: Tribunal Fixes Date For Final Judgement

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The presidential election tribunal is reportedly set to deliver the final judgement on September 15 PDP’s Atiku had on March 18, 2019 filed a petition challenging the victory of President Buhari of the APC in the 2019 general elections – Section 134 (1) to (3) of the Electoral Act provides that an election petition should Read More

Nigeria’s Economy Slipping – World Bank

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The World Bank has said that the Nigerian economy has been slipping since 1995 and this continued till 2018.   The bank, in its latest report on the regional economy titled, ‘Africa’s Pulse’, released the taxonomy of growth performance in sub-Saharan Africa, which focused on the macroeconomic and financial features that led to growth resilience Read More

OPINION: Dear Men, What Attracts You To A Woman?

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As humans, we yearn for different things while our desires vary based on taste and preferences.   It is that same variation in desire that makes different men get attracted to different types of women.   For many, it is physical attributes like height, skin colour, body size and other features while sapiosexuals are largely Read More

Best cities to search for an employment in Nigeria

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Unemployment is one of the major challenges in Nigeria. Graduate youths increase at Geometric progression annually while job opportunities increase at Arithmetic progression. Thus making the labor very competitive and challenging. However, this article attempt to present to our readers the best cities to look for jobs in Nigeria.   Although unemployment is rampart in Read More

Unemployment rate headache

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The rate at which young graduates are seeking and searching for an employment is becoming alarming in Nigeria day by day. Many Nigerians have graduated for more than five years now and still counting due to this unemployment story. It has now become a thing of serious case which the government needs to pay proper Read More

Traits of being a Leader

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Some people are born leaders. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to hold a managerial position before you can become a leader. There are certain traits you will have that will make people within your organization see you as a leader. However, this article will focus on the 5 traits that will make Read More

True state of wife materials

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Have you noticed it’s taking men a long time to settle down these days and make an honest woman of one of the ‘catches’ they always have on the leash? When Joseph hit his 30s, I often counselled him on the advantages of settling down and having all his children whilst he was young. “What’s Read More

Opinion poll for 2019 General Election, Buhari scored low

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A recent poll conducted by PoliticsNGR, an online publication on President Mohammadu Buhari re-election bid in 2019 has revealed that some Nigerians are not too keen on supporting the President’s second term bid.   In the poll which opened on Monday, May 21, 2018, and ended Sunday, June 3, 2018, respondents were asked, ‘Will you Read More

Russia 2019-Women to Men

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For peace to prevail at home during this one month of RUSSIA 2018, a few rules has to be followed at home   1. The remote control belongs to men for the whole month. 2. Tell all your friends not to give birth or wed or die or whatever occasion during the World Cup coz we Read More