Cobbler Electrocuted While Illegally Reconnecting Neighbours’ Electricity

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A 24-year old Hammed Omotosho, a secondary school leaver in Agbado, Ogun State, ended his life on Saturday night after he was electrocuted while fixing the electricity of a building disconnected in the neighbourhood.

Hammed, a cobbler and a member of Man O’ War, was reportedly about to accomplish his ambition of enlisting in the Nigerian Army when the tragedy struck.

Punch reports that some residents of a house on Ishola Street, Abosule, Agbado Crossing engaged Omotosho penultimate Saturday night to reconnect their power supply allegedly disconnected by the electricity distribution company workers serving the area.

It was gathered that there was an outage when Hammed climbed the pole but while he was in the middle of the task, power was restored. He was said to have got a shock from a naked wire, fell off balance, crashed onto the ground and died on the spot.

A source in the community told our correspondent that the residents fled in the ensuing panic, adding that the incident was reported to the Agbado Police Division.

The source said, “He (Omotosho) was a cobbler and member of Man O’ War. He was diligent and talented. He assisted people in fixing electrical problems in their homes in exchange for a token.

The house he went to that Saturday night of March 27 was disconnected and the residents wanted to reconnect the electricity.

There was no electricity before he started the connection. But while he was at it, power was restored around 11 am. He was electrocuted.

Those who invited him fled home for fear of being attacked. Policemen from Agbado division came to remove his corpse.”

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