Coronavirus: Akon Lashes At Government, Politicians Over Fake Promises

1 week ago Fashanu 0

As the world keep kneeling on her toes over the wide spread of Coronavirus pandemic, Senegalese Hip Hop Icon, Akon, has called on Politicians and government all over the world over thirty promises to their citizens during electioneering campaign to fulfill their promise at this dying time.

According to him, government should help families at this time by providing them with food and other items since the government mandated everyone to remain lockdown and that all market square should be closed.

He further stressed that Politicians globally are promising billions and yet no one has seen anything and that people are dying. The Senegal born musician called on well meaning leader to save souls.

Coronavirus pandemic broke out last year in Wuhan China and since, it has affected over 400,000 globally and more than 21,000 have died.

Italy top the country with most death rate followed by Spain and followed by China where it all began.

Nigeria as the most populous nation in Africa has recorded 52 cases with one death and two discharged.

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