Coronavirus: How I Begged God Not To End The World April 12, Says Popular Prophet

9 months ago Fashanu 0

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic that has caused and bring the world activities to her kneels, a Popular pastor from Kenya who predicted that the world would end by April 12, 2020 midnight has come online again by telling the whole world how he begged God to forgive the sins of man.

He said he begged God to postpone the second Coming of Jesus by forgiving sinners so that they can turn a new live to him.

Recall that the Popular pastor had earlier predicted that the world would end by April 12 but the people of his home country Kenya were surprised when the day break and nothing happened.

The Popular Prophet, David Owuor, who is fondly called ‘Mightiest Prophet of the Lord’ said Jesus postponed his second coming after he begged for Peoples forgiveness o er there sins.

Prophet David also claimed that an assassination attempt will be made on his life in Jerusalem and the Lord will come in and raise him.

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