Coronavirus Lockdown: Stay Away From Training Ground – Authority Warns Christiano Ronaldo

9 months ago ezekiel 0

Owing to the Coronavirus pandemic that has caused and done great harm to the world in recent months, Juventus super star Christiano Ronaldo has been warned that he has “no privilege” when he comes to the Coronavirus locks rules and regulations.

The Portuguese capitain has been seen training at Modeira’s National stadium in the past few days and authority has warned him that he has no privilege of whatsoever to breaking the rules and regulations of Coronavirus lockdown.

Christiano Ronaldo has been in Portugal after the pandemic broke out in Italy since early March and he has been training indoor before he was finally at Modeira’s National stadium.

Juventus like other Football team in Europe and even across the world has halt any sporting activities due to the spread of the deadly virus since.

The five time Ballon D’Or winner has been warned to train where he will gather crowd but he was told he can train lonely just to curtail the spread of the virus.

Christiano Ronaldo can leave his house and train as long as he obeys the rules and regulations banning social distancing and self isolation, authority said.

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