Coronavirus: Real Madrid Turns Stadium To Supplies Hub Amid Pandemic

4 months ago Emmanuel Chiwendu 0

Amid the global spreading of Coronavirus, Real Madrid football Club have turned there Santiago Bernabeu stadium to medical supplies hub for the storing of medicals in the fight against the pandemic.

Spain have experienced a huge cases of the deadly virus with over 56,000 confirmed on Thursday and her death toll has hit over 4,000.

Spain has surpassed China in the death rate over the Coronavirus and they are trailing Italy in the number of death rate. Coronavirus broke out in Wuhan China last year and the deadly virus has widely spread to over 58 countries in the world.

In Spain, all footballing activities have been put on hold and they are planning to resume late April.

Spain have lockdown her country till April 12 with the projection that the virus might have gone by then.

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