Coronavirus: Ronaldo Converts Hotels To Hospitals, Offers Free Medical Service

4 weeks ago Victor Adeola 0

As the Coronavirus epidemic keeps ravaging the globe, the deadly virus has caused over 4,000 death in the earth largely in Europe and Asia.

This novel Coronavirus has even made the world governing football body to suspend series of matches in the world when the epidemic has hit various clubs.

In premier league, Arsenal coach, Mikel Arteta, has been tested positive for the virus and all Arsenal players have been quarantined yo safeguard the spread of the COVID-19.

In Italy, Juventus defender, was also tested positive for the virus last week and this made Christiano Ronaldo to be subjected to the test which luckily for him tested negative.

On Sunday, March 15, the former Manchester United and Real Madrid star, Christiano Ronaldo has offered to convert his chain of hotels to hospital where Coronavirus infected patients will be offer free treatment without any charges.

The Juventus star also promise to pay the doctors and workers salaries.

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