Coronavirus: Task Force Shuts Wedding Reception In FCT

2 months ago festus dada 0

Owing to the widely Coronavirus pandemic which has caused more than 500,000 infections globally, the task force assigned by the Federal Capital Territory Authority has distrupted a wedding reception and church service which is billed to take place yesterday.

The task force started with the cooking place where family are preparing food for the occasion and the team stopped them from furthering any activities.

Nigeria government and Federal Capital Territory Authority have stopped gathering in religious houses and even gathering of more than 20 People to prevent further spreading of the virus in the country.

Coronavirus has caused death of more than 24,000 People globally with more than 500,000 infections globally. The virus broke out in Wuhan China last year and since then more than 84,000 People have been infected in China.

Nigeria and other African Nations have witnessed more than 22,000 infections with South Africa having more figures.

Nigeria has more than 100 cases with the latest report coming from Nigeria immigration service where the service chief has been infected and University College Hospital Ibadan medical director also infected.

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