Corruption Is Still Alive In Nigeria – Gov Sule

1 week ago Femi Olasunkanmi 0

Nasarawa State Governor, Alhaji Sure has reacted to the many corruption cases in Nigeria.

Governor Sule while featuring on Politics Today on Channels Television, he said Corruption is still alive in Nigeria but President Buhari is incorruptible and is clamping down, through the courts.

He went further to disclosed that the country have seen worse cases of corruption in the past administrations. Yet, nobody asked those Presidents to resign. So, the PDP, in asking President Buhari to resign, only spoke as the PDP.

Governor Sule also reacted to the issue on while Nigerians refer to the 9th assembly as rubber stamp lawmakers. He said the President of the Senate, Ahmed Lawan does not always have to agree with President Buhari.

That shows that we are operating a democracy and there is the separation of powers. Personal disagreements have nothing to do with the APC.

There is nothing like a crisis in the APC.

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