Court Ejects Tstv From Headquarters Over House Rent

1 year ago Alonge Yakubu 0

Rahael Adakole & Co, a law firm, has taken possession of the Abuja office of Telcom Satellite Television (Tstv) due to its inability to pay its rent.

The Abuja office, which serves as the headquarters of the television company, is situated at Jahi District.

NAN reports that the property, owned by West African Business Platform Limited, was taken over on Tuesday after the Abuja high court ruled in favour of the law firm in November 2019.

The law firm through its principal, Raphael Adakole, had filed the suit in 2018 against the television company and Bright Echefu, its Abuja managing director.

The filing followed the inability of the television company to meet up with the tenancy agreement entered between the plaintiff and defendants on May 1, 2017.

The law firm asked the court to declare that the tenancy agreement between the plaintiff and defendants had lapsed by effluxion of time.

It also asked the court for an order directing the defendants to give up possession of all the five-storey building of the office complex together with its appurtenances, fixtures and fittings.

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