Covid-19: 72 Nigerians, Other African Nations Test Positive In China Amid Evacuation

9 months ago Ogunsuyi Roland 0

As the world keep battling the effect the Coronavirus pandemic has done for more than three months now and in which various Nations have gone on evacuation of their citizens from the crisis hitting Nations and in which Nigeria as a nation too have been gone to evaluate her citizens from China where the virus started last year in Wuhan.

About seventy-two(72) Nigerians have tested positive for the virus in Guangzhou city, China which are awaiting evacuation from the country.

Results released on Tuesday shows that 56 people have tested positive for the virus from 56 Nigerians. Earlier, sixteen Nigerians have tested positive for Coronavirus bringing the total number of Nigerians in the country to seventy-two which are due for evacuation.

Nigeria Government under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had earlier announced plan to evacuate Nigerians from foreign countries owing to the widely spread of the virus that has killed many in recent weeks.

The seventy-two citizens are part of the over 2,000 Nigerians who have indicted interest in leaving the countries like China, United States of America, Germany, United kingdom, United Arab Emirates and others.

Further investigation shows that 111 African Nations have been tested positive for Coronavirus having conducted test on more than 4,553 Africans in Guangzhou city of China in the ongoing test.

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