Covid-19: Two Women Caught Washing Used Facemasks To Resell[PHOTOS]

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Amid the Coronavirus pandemic that has been ravaging the world for more than three months now, two women have been caught in Mozambique washing used Facemasks to resell.

The world has been battling the deadly Coronavirus since it first broke out in Wuhan China last year and many souls have been lost since.

The women were caught up where they were washing the used masks that have already been used and disposed by medical personnel.

The Facemasks were part of the medical kits donated to Africa Nations by Chinese Nation amid the pandemic.

Mozambique has recorded a total of 39 cases with 4 discharged already without any death so far.

The world has recorded a glaring total of over two million people infected with the virus while more than 165,000 people has died from the virus.

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