El-Zakzaky: Shi’ites Head To Court To Challenge Buhari’s Govt Proscription Order

2 years ago ezekiel 0

Shi’ites under the banner of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) on Wednesday said it would approach the court to challenge the order obtained by the federal government banning the operations of the organization.

Spokesman of the Movement, Ibrahim Musa confirmed that “we will be in court challenging the proscription”.

Musa who spoke through a phone message accused the leader of the rival Shiite sect, Al-Thaqalayn Cultural Foundation, Sheikh Hamza Lawal of being a government agent out to destabilize IMN.

Musa said, “Hamza Lawal, had failed woefully to create division within the ranks of the Islamic Movement in the past, and the government.

“He is not worth being dignified with a response. He has been in the corridors of power for a while now and on their payroll to distract attention, cause confusion, and are known by various names in the past – Shia traitors, commercial Shia and the rest.

“When in 2015 government massacred members of the Islamic Movement, they celebrated and rushed to form another organization called SHIMAN to be an umbrella organization to finalize the “burial of IMN” with government support, so as to deceive the public into believing that Shi’ites is not the target.

“These same ‘Shia-groups’ were again the ones who earlier this year came out to endorse Buhari for another term. “Thus Hamza Lawal and his cultural group are a distraction not worth our time”.

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