EndSARS: Youths Protested To Remove Me – Buhari

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President Muhammed Buhari says the #EndSARS protests were attempts by Nigerian youths to remove him from office. He also attributed Nigeria’s loss of foreign investment to the protests.

Mr Buhari said on Thursday in an exclusive interview on ‘Good Morning Show’ on ARISE TV.

When asked about his regime’s plans to make Nigeria more attractive for foreign investments, Mr Buhari explained that the youths should behave well if they want better jobs.

“This question was answered when there were the #End SARS protests. You remember the young people who wanted to match here and remove me.

“I have ordered the members of the executive council to go (to) each state to speak to the governors, the traditional leaders, the business people to tell the youths that if they want jobs, they would (have to) behave themselves and make sure Nigeria is secured,” stated the president.

Mr Buhari added, “So that people can come in to invest because people know Nigeria is secured. We are (a) rich country, and God had endowed us.

The #EndSARS protests began with a demand for the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) dissolution and an end to police brutality.

The protests also led to the demand for better governance and institutional reforms.

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