EURO 2020: We Would Have Won If Not For COVID-19 – Italy Coach

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Italy coach Roberto Mancini discussed the upcoming European Championship and the Coronavirus emergency in an interview with Italian TV show “On Tuesday we’ll know better, even how this season will end, and if they decide to postpone the European Championship, then we can finish this season, or not.

So, on Tuesday we can talk about this.” Mancini then discussed how he’d react if the European Championship was postponed to next year.

“I adapt to everything, because the most important thing is to protect health, we can’t lose human lives, our grandparents. We would have won this year, we’ll win next year.”

The former Manchester City and Inter Millan coach then discussed the Coronavirus emergency and how it’s affecting everyone. “We did not expect such a crazy thing.

The important thing is that we did it, before the others, and we hope that all this can end soon. I understand that the guys are struggling to stay at home, easier for the old people. But it’s been a difficult week, we must try to do it.”

The Italy coach then discussed how the players are training and the hope that people have that the situation will improve soon. “We’re training at home, the hope is that things will improve.

I can imagine how people who have lost loved ones in recent weeks have felt. I think when we start all over again it’ll be better because we’ll find freedom and come back and watch the games.

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