How Gumi, Allies Collected N800,000 From Us To Help Free Our Kidnapped Children —Mother Of Kaduna Student

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Some mothers of students kidnapped in Kaduna have accused an Islamic cleric, Sheikh Ahmad Gumi, of capitalising on their challenges to make money.

Speaking to journalists, the aggrieved parents narrated their ordeal in Gumi’s house. Thirty-seven students of the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation, Afaka in Kaduna State were kidnapped in their school by bandits on March 11.

Ten of them have been released in batches of five each, leaving 27 students with their abductors.

The controversial cleric has been criticised by some Nigerians for his position that government should negotiate with bandits and yield to their demands.

One of the mothers said, “They took us to Gumi’s house, he directed us to an Ahmed, who invited a Fulani man from Kaduna. We contributed N800,000 for him; he told us that was just for transport.

I cried and pleaded with him, saying I’m a widow, that I do not have a husband. I am training the boy to help me tomorrow. He said it wasn’t his concern.

“Initially, they were after the government to pay the N500 million (ransom). But they later started calling and persuading to talk to the government to pay the money. I told them that I don’t have access to the government.

After they called for two weeks with no results, they asked me, how much have you people raised, and I asked ‘which people’.

They said you parents, and I told them that the parents do not have money, we are poor people, we don’t have any money to contribute. They now said, so if the government does not pay, you will allow your children to die

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