Hyena Is The Animal With Most Difficult Child Birth

1 week ago abdul fathai 0

It is true that among female primates human females are unique in risking death and injury each time they gave birth.

The other great apes and primates don’t suffer from this, and I had not really read of other female species that die giving birth to their young.

It seems that most other mammals give birth to much tinier tiny babies than humans relative to their body size; I don’t know this as I am just guessing. However, I think the hyena has the worst childbirth of any mammal.

The female hyena’s birth canal is V-shaped and twice the usual length for a mammal her size, so that the baby has to travel quite a distance and make a 180 degree turn on its journey into the outside world. She has no vagina and the birth canal leads into the clitoris, which sticks out 7 inches, rather like a penis (called a pseudo-penis.

As the baby is squeezed out through this long clitoris tube, the clitoris itself is stretched and often tears. Interestingly, this pseudo-penis is her s3x organ; yes, that tiny exit hole through her pseudo-penis is where the male hyena penetrates her.

Thus, hyena s3x is very difficult without the full cooperation of the female. Also, s3x seems quite painful for both male and female hyenas.

Forced s3x is not an option in this female dominated society. Many first time hyena mothers die giving birth, and 60% of infants being born to first time mothers suffocate and die passing through ‘the eye of this needle’.

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