I Don’t Like Being Named ‘God’ – Lionel Messi

10 months ago abdul fathai 0

In a rencent interview, Lionel claims that he doesn’t like being named ‘God’ because the influences to his chlidren when talking about his family and life.

“Messi is D10S? I don’t care, but I don’t like it. I know it’s not done badly, but it’s very exaggerated that they call me that. “My children, how old they are, listen and copy everything. That’s why it’s not good to hear that sort of things.”

“I rely on my closest circle. I have always handled fame naturally. I have tried to focus on football, on enjoying.”

“Thiago has a group of very big friends from school, they have a real friendship. Now they are becoming aware of what Thiago’s dad is doing.”

“I like being at home, but the children ‘force me’ out, so I do things outside.” “With Antonela I watch some series, although now we are blank, we are in search. I do not remember the last one I watched.”

As a kid I played video games a lot and now that Thiago is discovering it and he wants to play with me sometimes.”

“Mateo is a bastard. People laugh when I tell or let them know about things. When people are with him for five minutes, they see how he is.

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