I Molested Her, Forgive Me — Baba Ijesha Begs Comedian Princess

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Nollywood actor, Baba Ijesha has confessed that he indeed molested a minor has surfaced online and gone viral.

In the video, the actor is seen begging Comedian Princess, the foster mother of the minor, while she was interrogating him. Baba Ijesha also admitted to molesting the girl when she was seven-year-old and that he repeated the action when she clocked 14.

Please, I don’t really know what happened to me but I’m begging you. What’s is happening to me is more than being drunk… please forgive me. I’m sorry, I won’t do it again. I know I have done something wrong, please forgive me for God’s sake. You’ll not be put to shame.

You (Comedian Princess) don’t deserve this kind of treatment because you’ve really tried for me. I’m very sorry,” he said. Amid his pleas, Princess, however, insisted on knowing why he repeated the act about seven years after he molested the minor.

“I’m talking to you as a friend because I know you have issues…but why harass a girl at seven-year-old and then come back to harass her again at 14,” she queried.

“I want to forgive you but you are not giving me any cogent reason, you’re saying it’s the devil.

That was seven years ago, but you repeated it again. Does it mean you have done that to other people’s children? If it’s not intentional why do that at seven and then come out again years later.”

But responding, Baba Ijesha said the act was beyond his comprehension. He blamed the incident on the “spiritual problem” confronting him at the time which he claimed Princess was aware of.

“I want you (Princess) to forgive me. What I did is very bad. I knew it’s really bad to have molested her. But I’m pleading with you for forgiveness,” he added. “I don’t have any aim doing it. When you have a spiritual problem, it’s terrible.

She (Comedian Princess) knows that I have spiritual problem. The devil simply wanted to use this to destroy me. I have done something really wrong

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