I Never Said I Was Free In Nigeria – El-Zakzaky

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The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky has refuted media report that he was free in Nigeria before his Indian medical trip.

The IMN leader in one of his tweets on Sunday, August 18, said the video that was posted by one of the media houses in Nigeria was not the true reflection of his entire discussion with India’s Minister of Minority Affairs Mr Mukhtar Sahb Naqvi.

He accused the media house of posting what he described as “a truncated 2:20 clip out of 8:10 clip”. He said he was only “explaining to the minister, how he’s moving freely in his detention place in Nigeria, despite facing a court trial.”

In a related development, the President of Media Forum of Islamic Movement In Nigeria, Mr Ibrahim Musa, in a statement has accused the government of President Muhammadu Buhari of cooking series of lies against the Shiite leader.

Below is the press statement:

Sequel to the Nigerian government’s sinister operation that frustrated the treatment of the revered Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) and his wife Malam Zeenat Ibrahim in India that led to the repatriation of the couple.

the Nigerian government, in its effort to deceive the general public, has concocted contradictory statements and lies to colour its acts of violating the order given by the Kaduna High court allowing the Sheikh to seek treatment in India, with the government only supervising.

The facts are that the government mischievously went beyond its role of supervision to the level of maliciously interfering in the medical process, instructing on which doctors the Sheikh and his wife must see, while refusing to allow them access to their own doctors.

Apparently, the government had a hidden mission, the details of which they had detailed specific doctors to execute. The Sheikh was forced to either accept their choice or return home within two hours.

Being mindful of the government’s various previous plots to eliminate him since 2015, first through the barrels of the gun and much later through poisoning in detention while refusing him access to adequate medical care until the court’s intervention the Sheikh sensed the government’s intention of inducing killer doctors to finish what they had earlier started, now through the back door.

He, therefore, insisted on having the presence of the doctors that initially assessed him in Nigeria, who also worked in that hospital failing which, he preferred to return to Nigeria. He refused to be subjected to any breach in the basic ethical principles guiding the medical treatment of people of respect for persons: protecting the autonomy of all people and treating them with courtesy and respect and allowing for informed consent, which the Nigerian government had contracted medical personnel in the Indian hospital to throw to the wind. Before efforts at resolving this impasse could be concluded, the Sheikh was brought back to Nigeria.

Since their evil schemes could not be executed. The government is now churning out contradictory explanations to blame the Sheikh for not allowing himself to be killed in the name of medical treatment.

The Nigerian government is also blackmailing the Sheikh that he sought for asylum in India just to cover their own gross misconduct in a foreign land.

The campaign of calumny has been championed by the Federal Ministry of Information, which sarcastically even said they were apologising to India for the Sheikh’s “unruly behaviour for asylum in India just to cover their own gross misconduct in a rather than for their own obvious attempted assassination of somebody in another country!

Isn’t it rather contradictory that someone allegedly seeking asylum would be unwilling to stay back irrespective of the circumstances but preferring instead to return to his home country.

It is on record that it was the Sheikh who requested to be brought back home having been denied access to his doctors and rejecting the killer squad engaged to “treat” him instead.

The government’s claim that Sheikh’s wife antagonized the Nigerian officials by accusing them of killing her three children is yet another spurious search for a justification for its maltreatment of the couple. Isn’t it true that it is the government that killed her three children?

In the case, now has to resort to lies, calumny and blackmail against a couple whose alleged crimes has never ever been proved in any court of the land.

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