Inaugural Speech: Buhari Knows He Is Using Stolen Mandate – ADC’s Spokesman

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In an interview with our correspondent, the SDP’s National Publicity Secretary, Alfa Mohammed, said the President might have also acted in accordance with the sadness he alleged was pervading the country.

He said, “You only appreciate people when you are sure that the people’s efforts put you in that position. The President might think that he did not owe Nigerians any appreciation and so did not express appreciation. “

The current mood in the nation is not that of celebration. He might have also caught the bug of the sadness pervading the country. There is poverty and insecurity among others. “People are afraid to travel home now. I think Nigerians are not in the mood for any celebration and the President is probably aware of this too.”

Also, the ADC’s National Publicity Secretary, Yemi Kolapo, said the President must have refrained from giving a speech because he had no plan for Nigerians. She added that Buhari could have also decided to keep mum because he knew that his election was still being contested at the tribunal. Kolapo said, “He might have also refused to give any speech because he realised that it is a stolen mandate, the court has not cleared him and so he did not want to jump the gun.”

Obey rule of law, SERAP advises Buhari Meanwhile, the Socio-Economic and Accountability Project, has urged Buhari to commit to the respect for the rule of law during his second term.

In an open letter to the President on Wednesday by its Deputy Director, Kolawole Oludare, SERAP said, “Making a public commitment to dedicate every day of your second term as a ‘Rule of Law Day’ will help to ensure that decisions of our courts are fully obeyed, refocus, improve and reinforce the anti-corruption agenda; it will also serve as a reminder that no one has immunity from the law, not even the government.

“The deficits in the rule of law have been particularly notable in three areas: failure to obey decisions of Nigerian courts, failure to push for transparency in asset declarations by high-ranking public officials and failure to push for unexplained wealth orders against former presidents and former governors and other senior public officials suspected of living on proceeds of corruption and ‘dirty money.”

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