Insecurity: We Cannot Continue Like This – Diya Advises Buhari

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Former Chief of General Staff Oladipo Diya has called on President Muhammadu Buhari’s government to work harder to solve the nation’s security challenges.

Mr Diya, who was the de facto second-in-command to the late military dictator, Sani Abacha, stated this on Friday, in a statement written to celebrate his 77th birthday.

The retired general explained that there is a need for the government to arrest all forms of insecurity rocking the nation to ensure unity and peace.

As mortals, we must celebrate every day as it comes. However, by the special grace of God and some divine arrangement, I am alive and in good health to celebrate my 77th birthday.

I give all glory, honour and adoration to the Almighty God,” Mr Diya wrote in the statement he titled ‘A Clarion Call for Peace in a Nation in Dire Need of Unity.’

This special day also affords me an opportunity to reflect and attempt to proffer a solution on the state of our dear nation, Nigeria.

There is no gainsaying that we all need to come together to confront our common enemy – war and its apostles – so that we can rise together as one.

“Nigeria is a uniquely blessed nation. God has bequeathed on us a large vibrant population; a vast land filled graciously with milk and honey.

North, East, South or West, everywhere you turn, there is a mineral resource that will remind you that God loves us.”

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