Jobless PhD Graduate Rotting In The Village Begs For Help

9 months ago Femi Olasunkanmi 0

Education is the key to success, but for Dr. Byron Kipchumba Chelimo, things are different. He is stuck in a village in Elgeyo Marakwet County having failed to secure a job since his return back to the country in 2013 from abroad.

The former Singo’re Girls High School teacher travelled to the United States in 2007 for further studies at Georgia University where he acquired Masters Degree and then PhD Honors in Sports Management at Georgia University. He told KTN News that he decided to return to the country because of the burning desire to develop sports talent and use his expertise to enhance learning in public institution.

“I knew after graduation that I was coming home because of the investment that I had been given by the university, trained in different areas of sports and knowing that coming to Kenya would be the best decision for me.

Because with the expertise, with the knowledge and the experience of working with American institutions gave me that confidence I would land and settle very fast. I decided to travel back home to nature talents and use his expertise to enhance learning in public institutions” he said.

Dr. Byron Kipchumba Chelimo He disclosed that he has applied for many jobs but has never been shortlisted because potential employees feel he is overqualified. Dr. Chelimo feels that he wasted his precious time going for the advanced studies and that it was nice if he would continue with the teaching job at Singo’re Girls.

“Why could I even think of going back to school? I was better even at Singo’re Girls” he says adding that his friends are advising him to go back to his teaching job. He says that the title Dr. does not add value to his life while lamenting that being jobless has rendered him unable to pay rent and educate his children.

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