List Of Coaches That Joined Football Club At Age 37

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Football which many consider the best sporting events and activities in this modern day is now witnessing series of recorded and drama day in day out.

Greatest footballers and many coaches have graced the rount lethal game in many countries and some of these greatest coaches joined the various club at tender age of their career.

The first man on the list is Former and greatest Manchester United coach, Sir Alex Farguson. Farguson joined the Scottish club, Abardeen at the age of 37 and there he made some remarkable records and name for himself.

Arsene Wenger, the man who spent over 20 years in the London club, Arsenal, joined his first club, AS Monaco, at the aged 37. He left Monaco for Arsenal where he played the invisible season of 200/02 to win the Premier league with the likes of Thierry Henry, Patrick Vierra among others.

Jose Mourinho joined FC Porto at the same age of 37. At the Portuguese club, Mourinho shock the whole world in 2003/04 champions League final where he knocked out Monaco to lift the trophy.

Another who made a remarkable surprise at 37 is the present Manchester City manager, Pep Guardiola, who joined Barcelona at 37. At the Catalans club, he won 14 trophies out of the possible 18, with 2 champions league, four league and many more. He departed Camp Nou for the German leader, Bayern Munich.

The last manon the list, Mikel Arteta, also made the club of coaches who became team manager at 37. Arteta joined Arsenal at the of 37 after the Gunners are finding it to find their rythme at the start of the season.

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