List Of Countries Without Coronavirus So Far

2 months ago Femi Olasunkanmi 0

1 Republic of Palau: On March 9, the Republic of Palau reported a negative test result for a speculated cause. The suspect was a 73-year-old man who presented to the United States, and his evidence was sent to Taiwan for a coronavirus test and declared antagonists.

2 Tonga: A 21-year-old replied that this was the initially speculated case of the country considered unfavorable for COVID-19. She was admitted to the Vaiola Hospital in Nuku’alofa after reporting the side effects of the disease. Their examples were sent to a research center in Australia, where they were confirmed as negative.

3. Solomon Islands: The Solomon Islands was associated with cases of coronavirus on February 10, Evidence from all four cases was sent to the Victoria Infectious Disease Reference Laboratory (VIDRL) located in Melbourne, Australia to be analyzed and found negative.

4. Lao People’s Democratic Republic: More than 50 cases associated with COVID-19 have been identified in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, all of which have been shown to be antagonistic.

5. Republic of the Marshall Islands: The Republic of the Marshall Islands revealed on March 9 a case associated with a 66-year-old person in the city of Majuro. Tests performed on the individual and tested at the Hawaii State Laboratory have been negative. The country has imposed travel bans in some countries, including China, Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, South Korea, Italy, Germany, and Iran.

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