N-Power: No Beneficiaries Will Go To The Street Begging For Employment – Minister

1 year ago Femi Olasunkanmi 0

The special adviser to president Buhari on social investment programme, Haijya Mariam Uwais has said that no beneficiaries of the N-power programme will go back to the street, begging to be employed, never.

She made this statement to the first batch of 2016, which is made up of 200,000 beneficiaries, who have spent more than the agreed contract date of 2 years. The batch A beneficiaries started the programme in 2016 and they were supposed to have stopped since 2018 November but due to the mercy shown to them by the Buhari led administration

In her words, “All volunteers shall be accorded with a good exit package, in line with president Buhari set agenda of bringing out 100 million Nigerians Out of extreme poverty in 10 years’ time,” minister said.

Haijya Mariam Uwais, the special Adviser to the president on Social investment program is yet to announce the exit package but she has given all batch A beneficiaries a positive hope that none of them is going back to Street to start writing application letter again.

May God make this come to reality. Let start suggesting what is likely going to be the exit package

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