NCC Moves To Regulate Use Of Internet In Nigeria

1 year ago Femi Olasunkanmi 0

The National Communications Commission (NCC) has revealed plans to strictly regulate the use of internet in Nigeria in a bid to curtail the excesses of internet fraudsters.

The NCC on Thursday pledged to establish mechanisms to control the use of internet in a bid to protect the nation’s cyberspace against attack and also to protect children against dangerous online contents.

That much was revealed by Alhaji Ismail Adedigba, the commission’s Deputy Director, Consumer Affairs Bureau, who also noted that the move is to ensure consumer privacy and data protection.

Speaking at the 109th edition of Consumer Outreach Programme in Osogbo, Osun State, Adedigba said; “Realising that liberalisation of the telecoms industry has led to an unprecedented increase in the usage of internet-based solutions and services, the Nigerian Communications Commission has initiated a process to establish an internet industry code of practice for internet service providers in the country.

“The internet code is a regulatory intervention expected to secure the country’s cyberspace against threats from cyber attackers and addressing issues such as online child protection, privacy and data protection among others.”

He added that while the commission is working on regulatory interventions to sanitize the cyberspace, telecoms companies should play their role by reporting shortcomings to appropriate quarters.

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