Nigeria Needs Righteous People Like Buhari, Osinbajo In Political Offices – Mustapha Boss

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The Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), Boss Mustapha, on Saturday said for people to continue to rejoice, righteous people should be voted into political offices in the forthcoming 2019 general elections.

Youths, Mustapha said must get involved and be card carrying members of political parties of their choice to achieve the desired change for the development of the country.

He promised that on no account will he downplay the challenges confronting the country especially in the norther part, calling for drastic solution by all.

The SGF spoke at the Northern Christian Youth Economic and Political Summit, held in Abuja.

He suggested a more elaborate summit soon were President Muhammadu Buhari’s cabinet members especially from the Northern part of the country would be in attendance to discuss peace and the way forward.

Nigerians, Mustapha said should reject the norms whereby on few people are enjoying what everyone should adding that: “Whenever there is a government policy look at the benefits that is there for you. Many people have becoming millionaires on a daily bases as a result of direct government intervention. And you have decided to segregate yourself. The government of Nigeria is for every Nigerian.

“Once there is a government policy please take part in it. If you do not, the opportunity will go to a few people.”

He urged Nigerians especially Christians to pray for God’s intervention in the current challenges facing the country.

His words: “This is the way to go. Youths should get involved with issues that are very important to our people. We are the ones that can cause the desired change in this nation.

“If we want to see people rejoicing in our land, the righteous must step out with actions and get into places of authority at different levels irrespective of party affiliation. If I have gotten the details of this meeting, I would have asked everybody in the cabinet of northern extraction to come here and brainstorm. We need to build a platform that would help push what we have received as a mandate from heaven to ensure good governance because it is very important what you are doing.

“I want to encourage you and begin to prepare for a bigger summit. There are challenges and I keep telling people that I do not want to downplay challenges that are confronting us particularly in the northern part of the country. We are the ones that have spiritual mandate to bring solution to these problems. And unless we abide, these challenges will count to deepen. It is my responsibility and yours to arise from our slumber and begin to take our rightful places. So that when we speak, we will be speaking the mind of God and his authority will be established in our lives.

“What do we do to bring solutions to the challenges of our days? Irrespective of our political parties we must discuss the way forward. As the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, (SGF) I have come a long way in politics, I have paid my dues. We must start where we are now. If you are not in any political party you cannot effect any change. Go and register in any political party of your choice. Be a card carrying member of a political party. There are responsibilities that are exercise by government and there are ones that are required of you. We are the wealthiest in terms of resources.”

A former Aso Rock Chaplain during President Olusegun Obasanjo’s administration, Professor Yusuf Obaje, expressed sadness dissatisfaction over the current security situation in the country.

Obaje, who is now the presidential candidate of Advance Nigeria Democratic Party (ANDP), said: “I am not satisfied with the way this country is been governed. As someone that was there before and I have seen what God enabled us to do those years and then since then the situation has not improved.”

On why he is contesting the presidency instead of given youths a chance, Obaje said:”I think there is a problem in understanding political leadership. There is no country that will say governance is only for the youth or governance is only for adults. A nation is not formed for elders alone or youths alone, they are all needed. We must be active. I will be agree that because there is massive failure let us let the elders out. I have been crying out that there is need for political education in this country especially for the youth.”

The Chairman of Youth Wing Christian Association of Nigeria 19 Northern States and Abuja, Evangelist Musa Misal advised those who have not gotten their Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) for the 2019 elections to do so.

Misal urged youths to shun violence before, during and after the elections and actively participate in the electoral process as candidates and observers.

He called on all to unite irrespective of ethnic, religious and political differences to make the country a better place.

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