No One’s Ambition Is Worth Blood Of Any Citizen, Jonathan Tells Trump

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Former President Goodluck Jonathan has told US President Donald Trump that his ambition is not worth the blood of any American citizen.

Arising by Trump’s insistence that the election was fraudulent, the protesters disrupted the proceedings in a violence that claimed four lives and injured many others.

Writing via his Facebook page, Jonathan, who conceded to President Muhammadu Buhari even before Buhari was declared winner of the 2015 presidential election, condemned gaining power at the expense of peace.

“I have repeatedly said nobody’s political ambition is worth the blood of any citizen, in any part of the world. Absolutely nobody,” he said.

“Again, I reiterate that it is better to lose power at the cost of gaining peace, than to gain power at the price of losing the peace.

As a leader, one must not just look unto one’s own interest, but the interest and the good of society. It is never too late to reject the venom and inject the serum of peace.

“It is necessary to state that the highest purpose of leadership is to bring people together, even those that do not share in your philosophy. And you do not need an office to do that.”

He said amid the turmoil in the US, all that is needed to achieve the “height of leadership” is conscience, adding: “Let us be men of conscience at this hour.”

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