Revolution Solution To Nigeria’s Challenges – Ex-Ambassador

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Nigeria’s former ambassador to the Philippines, Amb. Akinyemi Farounbi, has said that for a way out of the present economic and political challenges assailing the country, Nigerians should prepare for a democratic revolution.

Farounbi disclosed this while granting an interview with journalists in Osogbo, Osun State capital, Farounbi noted that democratic revolution is not an impossibility in Nigeria because it is through it that silent and radical changes can be achieved.

Citing examples of countries that had been transformed as a result of democratic revolutions, Farounbi revealed that it can harness the silent, unhappy and disgruntled citizens of Nigeria.

In his words, “It was a democratic revolution that created Ireland out of Great Britain ditto Scotland and Wales.

“It was a democratic revolution that gave Quebec a unique position in Canada. “It was the same democratic revolution that broke Czechoslovakia into Czech and Slovakia.

It was a democratic revolution that produced Mikhail Gorbachev who through Perestroika, meaning restructuring, broke the USSR into 15 Republics. “Who says that there can be no democratic revolution in Nigeria?

Only 27 million people made Muhammadu Buhari President, even though there are 90 million registered voters. I guess many didn’t vote because to them there was no choice to make.

“There are states where the governors were elected with 400,000 votes.” The former Nigerian ambassador maintained that if the people are properly mobilised, motivated and harnessed into a democratic revolution, the coming elections will be won fairly and a government that will be produced will fulfill the yearnings and aspirations of the vast masses of Nigerians

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