South Korea Closes Schools Again Amid Spike In Covid-19

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South Korea have closed hundreds of schools after reopening few days ago after a spike in cases of the novel coronavirus.

The country had started to stage the opening of schools in the last week, instituting social distancing and prevention measures in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus.

But according to the Korea Times, hundreds of schools were closed again because of high infection rates in their communities.

It cited the Ministry of Education as saying that 838 schools of the 20,902 nationwide that were supposed to reopen on Wednesday did not, including in Seoul, and hundreds closed on Thursday in Seoul, Bucheon and other cities.

Some are watching how other countries are handling the reopening of schools, including South Korea, which has been successful in containing the spread of the virus.

South Korea had more diagnosed patients with coronavirus than any country other than China in late February, but it implemented a tough program of contact tracing, isolation and other measures, containing the virus.

South Korea still reports that fewer than 300 people have died of covid-19.

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