Technology Produces Highest Number Of World Millennial Billionaires –Report

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A recent report has revealed that Technology is the sector that has the highest number of mil­lennial billionaires – 28 of them, and the combined net worth of the 28 tech millen­nial billionaires equates an astonishing $254.5 billion!.

Ghe report was present­ed by, based on the latest data from Forbes, intended to establish which industries in the world have the most millennial (23 – 38 years old) billionaires.

Millennials, also called Generation Y, are persons born between 1981 and 1996, currently between 25 and 40 years old.

According to the report, the automotive, fashion, and retail, healthcare as well as media and enter­tainment industries re­spectively have six millen­nial billionaires each.

Worthy of note in the report is that construction and engineering, gambling and casinos, logistics, sports and telecommuni­cations industries have no millennial billionaires.

There are currently 78 millennial billionaires in the world and the collec­tive net worth of the 78 millennial billionaires is a colossal $418.6 billion, the report stated.

In addition, the report­ed identified the 10 richest millennial billionaires in the world and their net worth.

Going by the report, the richest millennial billion­aire in the world is ‘Face­book’ CEO, Mark Zucker­berg, with a sizeable net worth of $97 billion.

In second position is Zhang Yiming, the found­er of content media plat­form, ‘ByteDance’, whose net worth is $35.6 billion.

The CEO of work man­agement software, ‘Asana’, Dustin Moskovitz ($17.8 billion), and founder of messaging app, ‘Telegram’, Pavel Durov ($17.2 billion), are among the other mil­lennial billionaires with a net worth of more than $15 billion.

Millennial billionaires who accumulated their fortune from more than one sector/industry (iden­tified as ‘diversified’) were excluded from the present research, and there were five millennial billionaires who fell under the ‘diversi­fied’ classification.

A breakdown showed that the 78 millennial bil­lionaires are from the Unit­ed States (33.3%), China (20.5%), Germany (10.3%), Russia (5.1%), Brazil (5.1%), Hong Kong (5.1%), Denmark (3.8%), Australia (3.8%), Sweden (2.6%), Can­ada (2.6%), Ireland (2.6%), Norway (1.3%), United Kingdom (1.3%), India (1.3%), and Finland (1.3%).

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