The World Must Harness All Energies And Resources To Fight Coronavirus

10 months ago Femi Olasunkanmi 0

The Coronavirus pandemic which has brought the world under her kneels for the past few months since the deadly virus broke out in Wuhan China last year November has caused thousands of death globally.

The virus broke out unexpectedly and cut the world unknownly to the extent that most of the world leading Countries like United States of America, United Kingdom, China, Russia, Germany just to mention few are finding it difficult to curtail since.

As the death toll stands now, the World must Harness all her Energies being wind, coal, others together with her resources like petroleum, vegetation, technology, education to fight the deadly virus before it finally cripple the world Economy especially for the developing nation.

With number of death crossing 14,000 in the unit State of America which is the giant and number one Economic hub of the whole world, world leaders must fast in their approach to find a lasting solution in terms of vaccines to this deadly virus.

United States of America has recorded over 400,000 infection with the death toll crossing 2,000 per day in the last 24 hours and if the trend continues to surge, the world may crumble to her kneels finally.

In Europe, Italy death rate has crossed 17,000 with Spain also crossing 15,000 marks there is an evidence the world is going to an Extinction with the present datas.

Africa and other developing nations are witnessing rising figures on daily basis. The deadly virus has caused death of over 88,000 Peoples globally and the figure keeps surging on daily basis.

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