Those Eating Titus Fish, Vitamin C Will Not Make Heaven, Says Popular Prophet

4 weeks ago adaku 0

A popular prophet has warned Nigerians from desisting from eating Titus Fish as those who eat such Fish will not make heaven on the last day.
She said those in doubt should make a bet with her. She made this revelation in one of her ministrations when marking the beginning of the year 2020
She went further than not only those consuming Titus Fish alone, she also said those taking Vitamin C will also not make Heaven unless they stop and go for deliverance. In her claim against Vitamin C, She said Vitamin C contains Ascorbic Acid which can not be found anywhere on earth except in the deep sea.
She concluded that those consuming both foods may and will not make heaven on the final day of judgement
Her words have generated a series of reaction both within and outside Nigeria as Nigerians have started batching the man of God for saying Titus Fish which was one of the creatures of God is evil and demonic

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