Tokyo 2020 Olympics: Teams SA & Liberia Named Forbes’ Most Stylish

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Stephan Rabimov is a contributor who writes about emerging markets, fashion, arts, and culture. This is his contribution to the influential global business magazine, Forbes. He highlights 8 most stylish kits that will be won by the athletes at this year’s Olympic games in Tokyo. South Africa and Liberia are the only African countries on the list.


” I have been covering Olympic fashion since 2016 (remember Rio and its Zika virus concerns?) as part of the fashion diplomacy discourse and practices. For the teams on-site, it is a unique opportunity to rally national pride at a time when many countries are struggling with post-pandemic morale. Here are top eight noteworthy Olympic uniform design” – Stephan Rabimov.


Olympics are a chance to uplift the global diasporas. New York designer Telfar Clemens, born to Liberian parents, has amassed quite a following for his gender-neutral vegan-friendly brand.


In fact, nearly double that of @Tokyo2020! The creator of the “Bushwick Birkin” is making Olympic history with his unisex designs for the five-person Liberian national track and field team. The seventy-piece wardrobe is being reworked into a capsule athleisure collection to a drop online during the Games. Thanks to Telfar’s street style notoriety, Vogue has already crowned Liberia’s uniforms “the coolest”.

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