Traits of being a Leader

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Some people are born leaders. As a matter of fact, you don’t need to hold a managerial position before you can become a leader. There are certain traits you will have that will make people within your organization see you as a leader. However, this article will focus on the 5 traits that will make others see you as a leader.


Generally, some leaders are made, while others are born. And, When you possess any of these 5 traits, people will see you as a leader regardless of your role.


So, before you read further I want to ask you this question. Do you want to be seen as a leader in your organization? If yes, read the 5 traits that will make others see you as a leader below.


5 Traits That Will Make Others See You As A Leader


#1 Listen Actively


Active listening is one of the traits that will make others see you as a leader. Most people think leading means speaking out, but they are wrong.


According to Elizabeth McLeod “If you focus your mindful listening, you can garner more opportunity without saying a word”


Mindful listening goes beyond keeping quiet and nodding. As a matter of fact, it involves focusing on the person you are listening to is saying, understand their body language while maintaining eye contact. Oh, it looks easy to you right? but only few people pay attention to this.



When you listen actively, you can sort and frame information, and when you finally speak, everybody will listen. This is because they know you have understood their point of view perfectly. Lastly, McLeod said ” If you want people to see you as an authority figure, stop talking, take a break and listen”.


#2 Make Your Meeting Count


The best time for your colleagues to see the stuff you are made of is during meeting. So, If you want others to see you as a leader, make every meeting count.


Therefore, be active in every meeting, prepare very well ahead of time. Read any pre-reads, listen actively through out the meeting, asking intelligent questions etc.



#3 Proactively Find A Mentor


Developing your skill continuously is one of the traits that will make others see you as a leader. The easiest way to develop your skill is to find a mentor.


You can take your boss as a mentor, but if you don’t want to use him, start looking for someone else.


#4 Look for root causes rather than quick fixes


When things go wrong in an organization, some people will always look for quick fixes. However, if you want people around you to see you as a leader, always look for the root cause of any problem.


The first step to do this, is to accept failure confidently. Once you accept failure, look for proactive ways of preventing it for happening again.


#5 Always speak the truth when things go wrong


When things go wrong, never cast a blame, rather speak the truth. And speaking the truth involves explaining what happened and strive towards fixing it.


People that cast blames are those that avoid responsibility, and this only distract you from solving the problem.


So, these are the 5 traits that will make others see you as a leader. Apply them and tell the world your experience.

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