Translate Religious Worship Into Ways That Would Transform Nigeria – Chinese Cleric Advises Nigerians

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A representative of the International Assembly (IA) of the True Jesus Church in Nigeria, Pastor Hong-Hsiung Ko, has described Nigerians as “too religious a people” who also have respect for their religious leaders.

Pastor Ko stated this at the weekend, after the dedication of Elimgbu Oro-igwe Obio/Akpor church and workers’ ordination by the IA in Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

He observed that notwithstanding the plurality of churches and diverse religious beliefs, citizens of the country have so much reverence for God and that manifests in the way they receive and relate with their pastors.

The cleric noted the high level of religious worship in the country. He, however, admonished the citizens to translate their religious worship into ways that would transform the country.

“Nigerian people are more religious than many countries. However, you must believe in something. What I mean is that, the way they (Nigerians) receive word of God is very important; whether they believe in God or juju.

“In Nigeria, people have the fear of God. In some countries, when you mention God’s name, people look at you scornfully. But people of this country have the fear of God in them. You don’t see such treatment in many countries.

“For an example, if you are in a Muslim country and you are a minister of God, once you mention the name of God, people will hate you. This is what I mean by referring to Nigerians as being too religious. You don’t see it like that in other countries.

“In some countries, when you mention God, the citizens say these people drink blood. They believe that Christians drink blood. It is a very wrong perception by them. So, Nigerian people are wonderful in the way they relate with God,” Apostle Ko noted.

The clergyman noted the plurality of churches, in the world, but added that with that the Christendom is neither divided, nor united.

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