UEFA Dropped Away Goals Rule In Club Competitions

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The away goals rule is to be dropped from European competition after 56 years, Uefa has announced.

From next season, it will no longer be possible for a two-legged tie to be decided by tallying the number of goals each side has scored at the stadium of the other.

Instead, if the second leg finishes with an aggregate draw, 30 minutes’ extra time will be played, with penalties then following after that, should a winner not be found.

Uefa now argues that there is no longer a case for weighting away goals more heavily than those scored at home. In announcing the rule change the governing body said statistics show a steady decline in home advantage since the 1970s, with the ratio of goals scored at home and away changing from 2.02/0.95 to 1.58/1.15.

Among the factors Uefa suggests for a decline in home advantage include higher security within grounds, increasingly standardised pitches and more comfortable travelling conditions for the away team journeying across the continent.

Such a shift has occurred only in the men’s game but the women’s game is to lose the away goals rule, too.

The Uefa president, Alexander Ceferin, said the change had been called for by clubs who felt the away goals rule now puts home sides at a competitive disadvantage.

“The away goals rule has been an intrinsic part of Uefa competitions since it was introduced in 1965,” Ceferin said.

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