Unemployment rate headache

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The rate at which young graduates are seeking and searching for an employment is becoming alarming in Nigeria day by day.

Many Nigerians have graduated for more than five years now and still counting due to this unemployment story. It has now become a thing of serious case which the government needs to pay proper attention to and if this is not tackle on time, the rate of criminality will keep persisting in Nigeria.


This case was seen today in Ekiti state as the state government announced immediate employment of 2000 people.

The case was witness by our correspondent in many parts of the state.

In Ikere Ekiti,the local government chairman, Mr Ayeni Aderemi addressed the people seeking for job and told them to comfort themselves and appreciate the Governor for his kind gesture towards remembering the youth for an unemployment.

He advised them to vote en mass for PDP candidate during the July 14th governorship election.


They distributed the form based on their wards where they vote and many of the forms were seen scattering on the floor by aggrieved people who told our correspondent that they were distributing the forms alone to PDP members


The fact remains the same,when will Nigeria  and Nigerians come out of this mess ?

Is this how the youths will be looking for jobs up and down

Will those who have graduated many years finally get  job one day?

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